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Thursday, 3rd of August 2017

Minh Long to join the ASEAN – India Expo & Forum 2017

Minh Long Company is among ten representatives from six industries in Vietnam to display their signature products during ASEAN – India Expo and Forum, taking place from August 02nd – 05th, 2017, at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok.

Inside Vietnam Communal House where photos of picturesque landscapes, cultural festivals, tourist attractions and national commercials are displayed, Minh Long’s fine porcelain products find a distinct position to shine its own beauty. Visitors across the region express their interest in the Vietnam-based company’s new product lines that are, for the first time, presented to the public.

Notably, during a visit to greet Vietnamese delegates who participate in the event, Minh Long’s Bronze Drum coffee set is chosen to be the national gift to Thailand Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha. Mr. Chan-Ocha does not hesitate to show how impressed he is towards Vietnamese produce showcased at the event.

Also, at the Communal House, a cooking event will be held to introduce exotic local spices discovered from the Golden Spoon Awards – a competition whose main sponsor is Ly’s Horeca by Minh Long. The spice collection is nicely arranged along with aesthetic videos on how spices have been found, researched and combined in various national delicacies made by Vietnamese chefs. The exhibits draw a great deal of attention from visitors and businessmen.

Apart from its presence in the Communal House, Minh Long decides to promote their signature products including ivory fine porcelain dinner sets with distinct features and the special product range for hotels and restaurants called Ly’s Horeca. Nine other companies joining the event include Thien Long, Biti’s, Dien Quang, Co May, Qui Phuc, Vinamilk, Vinamit, Bich Chi and Viet Nam Ca Cao.

The ASEAN – India Expo and Forum is the largest business initiative in Thailand, housing nearly 160 booths from 11 countries from different parts of the region. The group of Vietnamese companies is led and supported by the Association of Vietnam’s  High Quality Brands (AVHQB) and endorsed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade

Besides the exhibition and activities in Vietnam’s Communal House, AVHQB independently hosts two separate meetings for Vietnamese business such as: Conference on Enforcing Trade Power and Exploring Opportunities in Thailand & ASEAN’s Markets and Networking Event for Vietnamese Businesses and Thai Distributors & Importers taking place respectively on August 04th. The events’ agenda includes inviting importers and distributors to meet and discuss business with Vietnamese companies.

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