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Wednesday, 9th of January 2013


On January 20th, 2011, Viet Nam General Aviation Company (Vietnam Airlines) and Minh Long I Co. signed a contract for the production of porcelain dining sets  to be served in the business class of Vietnam Airlines flights as of mid-2011. The signing ceremony occurred at Minh Sang Plaza commercial facilities, No 888, Binh Duong Avenue, Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province. The event earmarked the hand-joining of two outstanding brand names which is to propose to Vietnam Airlines passengers a premium service quality plus a griffe of Viet Nam’s culture represented by apricot flowers delicately stylized on the product items.

The commissioning of the lately designed set is an implementing action of Vietnam Airlines’ service quality enhancing programme, particularly to the benefit of business class passengers.  We are delighted because we have picked up a well reputed Vietnamese partner and confident the set will help maintain the quality of the service provided to Vietnam Airlines business class passengers at the same level as with our most notorious competitors and gradually promote Vietnam Airlines into being one the ten best Asian airline companies in terms of quality of the service provided both on the ground and on board”, said Mr Pham Ngoc Minh, General Director of Vietnam Airlines.

 Mr Ly Ngoc Minh, General Director of Minh Long I, stated at the signing ceremony that: “The set, called the “Hoa Mai Set”, was designed specially for Vietnam Airlines on an ivory-coloured  porcelain backdrop; it looks luxurious and warm at the same time. It is practical for use and looks modern but is still impregnated with Vietnamese cultural beauty. The co-ownership by Minh Long I and Vietnam Airlines of the set design shows how confident we both are in our solid and lasting cooperation, furnishing our customers with high class products which help perpetuate the cultural specificities of Viet Nam and persuade the Vietnamese to “first choose Vietnamese products”.

The new dining set is made of ivory porcelain and thanks to an updated production technology which helps keeps lead and cadmium quantities within authorized limits is in line with the food safety regulations. Its form will remain unchanged throughout its life period. It is practical for use, elegant, luxurious and exudes a feeling of warmth in a plane space. Serving meals in the new set will give Vietnam Airlines a new image.

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